Frequently Asked Questions Regarding your HVAC Unit

Read on to learn more about regular maintenance of and troubleshooting your New Milford home or business's HVAC units and cooling devices.

How many times a year should I have my home's AC/Heating Unit looked at?

We recommend getting an HVAC checkup two times a year- Once in early spring, and once in the middle of summer.  Leaves, sticks, and debris left over from winter can cause a big problem for your AC unit or heating unit.  A spring checkup of your AC unit is necessary before you turn it on for a long, hot summer.  Here at Ortiz Refrigeration AC & Heating, we'll make sure the parts are clean and working properly, and make sure that your condenser is clear of any obstructions.  During the summer, budding trees, pollen and leaves can clog your AC unit and keep it from making your home nice and cool.  To avoid a broken AC unit, and being forced to sweat in the summer heat, call Ortiz again for a second checkup- We'll keep your AC running so you can beat the New Milford, CT heat.  

What're three things I should keep in mind when it comes to my residential/commercial HVAC unit?

1. Know your warranty!  HVAC unit warranties vary by brand.  Here at Ortiz, we typically encounter New Milford, CT home owners and business owners with AC unit warranties of 10 years and condenser coil warranties of 5 years. 

2. HVAC energy regulations matter!  If you have an HVAC unit that runs on gas and is 20+ years old or just 20+ years old in general, you will need to replace the entire unit if a part breaks.  HVAC contractors are required by law to replace the entire unit if it is 20+ years old.  

3. STAY AWAY FROM YOUTUBE!  We know you know what's best for your home or business, but we are the experts when it comes to HVAC repairs and maintenance.  Put down the duct tape and step away from YouTube- Instead, pick up the phone and give Ortiz a call.  We promise your New Milford HVAC unit will be in professional, knowledgeable hands. 

How many times a year should my business's refrigerator or freezer receive a checkup?

A restaurant, bar, or food service business relies heavily on a properly functioning refrigerator and/or freezer.  To make sure you don't have a freezer full of spoiled food, you should have two checkups per year.  During these checkups, we'll make sure all of the coils in your refrigeration unit are clean and functioning properly. We also recommend cleaning up the ice machine a minimum of three times a year.  If your business is in an area of New Milford, CT with particularly hard water, we recommend getting your ice machine looked at every two months.   (hard water = clean every two months. Regular maintenance of your business's refrigerator, freezer, or ice machine may seem like a hassle, but we want to make sure you avoid a bigger, costlier problem down the road! 

How often should my business's HVAC unit be looked at?

Like a residential HVAC unit, a business's AC or heating unit should be looked at two times a year.  Your New Milford, CT business's AC unit should be checked in spring before you turn it on for debris or dirt, and again in the summer to make sure all parts are functioning properly.  Your business's heating unit should be looked at before you turn it on in the winter, and again before spring to make sure all parts are in working order.  

What's a common problem business owners encounter with their refrigerator or freezer?

We know business owners wear many hats, and sometimes what could be a refrigerator or freezer issue is put on the back burner until it's a huge problem.  We don't want your New Milford, CT restaurant or business to wait until the last minute to call us for your refrigeration needs, so we recommend keeping an eye on your refrigerator or freezer's temperature gauge, regularly.  Some parameters to keep in mind: 

- A refrigerator's ideal temperature is between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit. - A freezer full of food should be kept at -10 degrees Fahrenheit

- A freezer with ice cream or other frozen goodies in it should be kept at -30 degrees Fahrenheit  

If you notice your refrigerator or freezer's temperature gauge climbing above or dropping below these ideal temperatures, give Ortiz a call right away, so that you aren't left with a refrigerator or freezer full of frost-bitten, or spoiled food! 

Watch the temperature gauge, got it! What else should I be careful of when it comes to my business's refrigerator or freezer?

Make sure you aren't piling boxes or food on top of your refrigerator or freezer's coils.  The coils should be clear of debris with nothing kept in front of or on top of them.  When it comes to your condenser, do not place it too close to the wall- Your condenser should be given room to breathe with no boxes or food on top or around it.